Our priority

Our highest care


Our clients enjoy an impressive range of products imported from Europe, Asia, South Africa, but also products in Romania, all respecting European quality standards.
What sets us apart is our intense carefulness to ensure the best products for customers and quality services for our business partners. This attention translates into carefully selected suppliers, packaging in conditions of maximum safety and fast delivery of the freshest fruits and vegetables in stores. We consider quality more important than quantity. You can't be convinced that we are the best unless you try us!


We minimize the timespan between supply and delivery in stores, and in the short periods in which the products pass through our warehouses, we ensure the most appropriate conditions of temperature, exposure to light and humidity.

Careful selection

Only fruits and vegetables that meet the strictest quality criteria reach the store shelves. The degree of ripeness, freshness and taste are carefully evaluated for each batch


We are constantly paying attention to customer preferences and that is why we try to ensure a wide range of products, which we bring from all over the globe.